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Samples of journalism | Wilson d Silva
Science Writing & Editing

I write original stories based on the latest research, rendering often complex science and technology into engaging journalism, utilising a literary style that is informative and engaging in equal measure. Appealing to a general audience, I position the research in a global context and often highlight its value to society, the economy and the environment. 

I also edit government reports to make them engaging and vibrant to various audiences, reducing superfluous verbiage and procedural language to ensure the text is concise while still retaining important technical and other content required to press its case.

Communications Strategy

I furnish advice on the communication and marketing of research, technology and innovation, helping to raise the profile of research institutes, universities and start-ups in Australia and overseas, or in engaging the public in initiatives.

This includes developing communications strategies; creating novel initiatives for public engagement; devising plans to raise the visibility and impact of research; or building the profile of 'thought leaders' in their areas of expertise. Clients include the University of Sydney, Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Sydney Quantum Academy.

Content Strategy & Management

I have extensive experience creating content – for print, web, tablet, video, television and social – specialising in science, technology and innovation. Clients include the University of Melbourne, the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation and the Australian Academy of Science. 

I advise on, or lead in, the creation of content best suited to the required communication objectives. I also conceive, develop and oversee the deployment of content – from editing materials to untangle jargon and make it accessible and engaging; to creating video, animation and graphic packages that highlight research expertise and excellence and are aimed at raising an institution's profile with the public, industry or specific audiences.

WCSJ 2017_WdS3.jpg
Public Speaking

I have spoken at conferences and public events in Australia and overseas. Among them are the Melbourne Writers Festival, the Adelaide Festival of Ideas, the UNESCO World Science Forum in Budapest, the EuroScience Forum in Munich and the Science and Technology in Society Forum in Kyoto.

I've also chaired or participated in panels on a range of topics, including the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, emerging diseases, the new age of space commerce and the value of science to society. Clients include the Royal Institution of Australia, the Waterloo Global Science Initiative, the Sydney Writers Festival, the University of Wisconsin Madison and the World Conference of Science Journalists. 

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Television & Radio Commentator

I have been a frequent guest on television and radio discussing topics such as science, medical advances, the environment and climate change. This ranges from being a commentator on specific news events, the member of a televised panel discussing issues of the day, or debating other guests in live television or radio discussions.

​Appearances include ABC TV, SkyNews and Australia's Nine, Seven and Ten networks (including Today Show and Sunrise). I've also been a guest on Canada’s TVO, Britain's BBC and commercial and public radio, including ABC Radio, Triple J, 2UE, 2GB, Triple M, BBC and CBC Radio.  

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