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Wolseley Acquires G Magazine, Australia’s #1 Green Media Brand

Luna Media Press Release | 2 February 2009

G Magazine, Australia's award-winning green lifestyle brand founded by the publishers of COSMOS, has been acquired by WolseleyMedia, expanding the specialist publisher's portfolio of iconic brands that include Inside Sport and PC Powerplay.

Launched in 2006, G Magazine is the consumer sustainability bible that gives readers practical and positive ways to green their lives, save money and leave a better world for their children. It has the largest circulation of any sustainability publication in Australia and a wide distribution into the environmental community.

The G brand strengthened its lead of the green media landscape with the launch in September of G-Online, a content-rich site with daily news, features, blogs and video that has quickly become the most comprehensive and highest-rating green site in Australia, G-Online already attracts over 25,000 unique visitors and more than 60,000 page views a month.

Founded by Luna Media, publishers of COSMOS, Australia's #1 science magazine, G Magazine has collected 14 awards, including 2007 Consumer Magazine of the Year and 2008 Editor of the Year at the annual Bell Awards for Publishing Excellence. It also won the inaugural Lord Mayor's Sustainability Award from the City of Sydney, and the first-ever Sustainability in Publishing Award from the magazine industry group, Publishers Australia.

"We're excited to bring the leading print and online brand G Magazine into the WolseleyMedia portfolio, where it will fit well with our philosophy of engaging people with special interests and their communities. It also gives us the opportunity to take a strategic stake in the burgeoning interest in sustainability," said David Gardiner, Chief Executive Officer of WolseleyMedia.

"With an emissions trading scheme beginning next year and with consumers and corporations increasingly turning their attention to sustainability issues, WolseleyMedia is well-placed to provide both access to green consumers for advertisers and expertise about the green space," he added.

Luna Media CEO Kylie Ahern, congratulated WolseleyMedia on the acquisition. "G Magazine has been very close to our hearts and we are delighted it has found a new home with such an innovative company that understands the need to inspire, inform and engage readers in their passions".

G Magazine will be published bi-monthly while G-Online will carry daily news, features, blogs and video. Joining WolseleyMedia as Editor of G Magazine will be Carolyn Barry, the award-winning launch editor of G-Online, and assistant editor Lauren Monaghan. The G Magazine team will also be joined by Tatyana Kovalyov and Kristina Mander, the advertising managers who helped grow the brand as a successful vehicle for advertisers looking to reach green consumers.

About WolseleyMedia

WolseleyMedia was established in late 2007 with the backing of Wolseley Private Equity and the WolseleyMedia management team. Since 2008, WolseleyMedia has acquired the businesses of Horwitz Publications, Chevron Publishing, NextMedia and Bluewater Publishing. WolseleyMedia now publishes over 30 leading special interest publications plus websites, forums, books, DVDs and posters including titles such as Inside Sport, Golf Australia, Tracks, Waves, Motor Racing Australia, Bluewater Boats & Sportsfishing, PC Powerplay, Sound & Image, Camera, Mania, Girl Power and MAD Magazine.

About G Magazine and G-Online

Australia's leading green media brand, G Magazine is the practical and positive guide to everything sustainable, from food and finance to fashion and travel. Articles are original, thoroughly researched and written by leading writers who apply an evidence-based approach, question claims and test assumptions. It takes a rigorous approach to ensure the information published is unbiased, current and accurate. It empowers readers with the practical information they need to live a greener lifestyle. Launched in 2006, it has published 18 issues and won 14 awards for journalism, sustainability and publishing. It utilises an advisory board that includes Dr Tim Flannery, Sir Richard Branson and Cathy Zoi, CEO of Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection.

About Luna Media

Luna Media is unique in its approach to publishing in print and online, combining rigorous accuracy from expert writers with engaging content and great design. It relies on an in-house team of award-winning journalists to produce COSMOS magazine and Cosmos Online, the daily news and features service that attracts 12,000 unique visitors who view almost 30,000 page views every day. The company is chaired by Dr Alan Finkel, the Chancellor of Monash University, and backed by an advisory board that includes Buzz Aldrin.


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