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Infinite Universe: Science and Art Panel

Blue Mountains Gazette | 1 October 2019

AS PART of the Western Sydney University (WSU) Observatory 25th anniversary celebrations, Nepean Science Hub, WSU and Penrith Performing & Visual Arts join forces at WSU Penrith Observatory on Saturday, October 5, to explore the question of how big is space.

“An Infinite Universe: What Is It, and Can We Ever Understand It?” will be a panel discussion between 7-9pm, examining the nature of existence itself.

Five eminent thinkers from art, science and technology backgrounds are joined by expert science communicator and moderator Wilson da Silva, award-winning communicator and co-founder of Cosmos magazine, in tackling the unknowable.

The panel will feature some of Australia's most eminent and internationally recognised astronomers; Professor Orsola de Marco, Dr Brad Tucker, Professor Ray Norris, and artists Tom Compagnoni and Emma Fielden.

Following the discussion Q&A, participants can take a tour of the dome with WSU astronomer in charge, Dr Ain de Horta, and view the night sky through a range of telescopes with the Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group (weather permitted).

We take this opportunity to observe and celebrate the moon, as the event also falls on the same night as International Observe the Moon Night.

Tickets: Special 25th anniversary price $5 per person. Bookings essential via the WSU Penrith Observatory website.

This event is part of the WSU Observatory's 25th Anniversary and CURIOUS Art & Science 2019, presented by the Nepean Science Hub, Penrith Performing & Visual Arts, in conjunction with WSU Penrith Observatory, with support from Celestino Developments and Inspiring Australia NSW.


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