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Sexy Side of Science

The Courier-Mail | 24 August 2002

BRISBANE Writers Festival will be augmented this year with a small complementary program specifically targeting science writing.

The third annual Science Writers Festival will run from October 3- 6 with the aim to "develop and enhance the quality of science communication skills through creative interaction with Australia's leading experts in the field".

The program, which includes masterclasses and workshops, will run concurrently with, and be linked to, the Brisbane Writers Festival, which runs at the State Library and nearby from October 4-6.

Guests include national and international authors, as well as well-known science communicators, including Wilson da Silva (freelance writer and president of the Australian Science Communicators), Abbie Thomas (ABC journalist), Brad Collis (freelance feature writer), Bob Beale (freelance writer and author), Bernie Hobbs (ABC journalist) and Paul Willis (TV presenter for Catalyst).

The sciXart Exhibition is an initiative of the Science Writers Festival. This exhibition will provide a rare opportunity for science-artists to display their work. The joint festival launch and sciXart Exhibition opening will be held at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art on Thursday evening, October 3.

The festival's public debate this year is entitled The Science of Love – Lust. The panel includes sexologist and author of Urge Gabrielle Morrissey, endocrinologist Jean Fleming, raunchy romance novelist Sandy Curtis and ABC's Paul Willis, and will be chaired by the ABC's Bernie Hobbs. The debate will be held on Friday, October 4, 7pm at the Terminus Hotel, Melbourne St, South Brisbane.

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