Series Writers Impress Premier

The Daily Telegraph | 12 April 2001

A scene from The Diplomat, a documentary by Tom Zubrycki and Wilson da Silva

By Jacqueline Lee Lewes

Two episodes from Australian drama series have made it into the short lists of the NSW Premier's Literary Awards.

They are in the scriptwriting section (the prize is $15,000), which is dominated by film. However, in there with a chance are Hannie Rayson and Andrea Denholm with the SeaChange episode "Love In The Time of Coleridge", and Katherine Thomson, for the Grass Roots episode "A Year In The Life Of Arcadia Waters".

It's the first time in 11 years that episodes from a series have been short-listed in the screenwriting section.

Also on the list are Tom Zubrycki and Wilson da Silva who wrote the script for The Diplomat (Emerald Films), a documentary that traces the life of Jose Ramos Horta, the East Timorese Nobel Prize co-winner. This was screened by SBS.

The short lists will be released today and the winners will be announced on May 14 at a dinner at Parliament House as part of Sydney Writers' Festival.

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