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MediaWeek Covers of the Year 2008

MediaWeek | 8 December 2008

Cosmos, Better Homes, TIME, Harper’s Bazaar

Wilson da Silva

editor, Cosmos

“Next year is the 150th anniversary of the theory of evolution, which we wanted to celebrate. But how do you illustrate something so abstract? Our solution was simple and elegant, focusing on Charles Darwin’s quest in his five-year journey around the world, suggesting this with imagery: a compass, maps and a journal. It’s quite a change from covers with robot armies or supermassive black holes!”

Julia Zaetta

editor, Better Homes & Gardens

“The August cover celebrating Better Homes & Gardens’ 30th birthday, has the most beautiful collection of colours I can ever remember on our magazine. It is a rich, luminescent palette of colours, each in wonderful harmony with the next. And serendipitously these gorgeous colours come together in quilts of lustrous fabrics, which are perennial favourites of our readers. We also chose a glorious gold foil for the masthead, something we are not usually able to do as the cost is prohibitive by virtue of our enormous print runs. And to cap it all off we could celebrate the issue with those very lovely words ‘Celebrating 30 years’ looming large across the bottom of the cover. The image, the colours, the subject matter, all completely and utterly represented what we strive for at Better Homes & Gardens - beauty and accessibility. We loved it and it sold in abundance. What more could we ask for in a favourite?

Steve Waterson

editor, TIME

“February 25: the ‘Sorry Day’ issue. We decided to go deep into the crowd outside Parliament House in search of a more intimate expression of what the apology meant to the Aborigines assembled there. I think this image captures some of the weariness of the older generations, brightened by the hope that the day offered to the young.”

Jamie Huckbody

editor, Harper’s Bazaar

“I chose this cover, from the September 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, as my favourite as it features some of the magazine’s signatures: an iconic woman, seriously chic fashion, bold graphic design and a unique sense of fantasy.”


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