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Bug Bunnies – Quantum: Passing the Bug

18 March 1998 | The Herald-Sun


By Garry Mansfield

Quantum: Passing the Bug

(8pm Thursday, Two)

THE ABC's home-grown science show returns with a chilling report on the dubious future of antibiotics. Scientists in Europe, the US and Japan are warning about killer viruses - and not just HIV - which are showing increasing resistance to drugs. Microbiologists say the bugs are constantly changing and becoming stronger. Doctors have reported cases of a strain of golden staph immune to antibiotics.

Reporter Wilson da Silva talks to Australian patients who have had such infections and local scientists who offer a sobering message.

Only half a century after penicillin, will we have to live without antibiotics?

Secrets of the Lost Empires: Stonehenge

(6pm Sunday, Two)

DOCUMENTARY makers love to ponder the mysteries of the ages, but here's a twist. Rather than just delve into the past, this program sets out to recreate it. Engineers, historians, archaeologists and others are challenged to recreate the basics of ancient wonders.

In the first program, for example, a team is challenged to move, without modern equipment, a pillar similar to Stonehenge's 40-tonne blocks.

Other challenges include recreating an Egyptian obelisk, an Inca rope bridge and roofs which covered Roman amphitheatres. It's a lesson in history, science and mathematics - and fun to boot.

The Cutting Edge: Once Upon a Time in Arkansas

(8pm Tuesday, SBS)

POOR Billy Clinton. Just when he thought he was copping it on all sides over alleged sexual peccadilloes, the respected Frontline program dredges up another skeleton, Whitewater.

The bribery and corruption scandal already has seen four people jailed and another commit suicide. Host Peter J. Boyer takes us back to Arkansas to learn more about the way that state's politics works.

Two Fat Ladies: Lunch

(8pm Monday, Two)

IF you missed Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, aka the two fat ladies, in the first series, don't make the same mistake. They're off again on Jennifer's classic Triumph motorbike, with Clarissa crammed into the sidecar, as they seek out gastronomic delights in London and beyond.

The return episode sees them in the Lakes District for a vintage motorcycle rally and bacon sandwiches at a bikie hangout.

They also spend time in the kitchen, weaving their traditional, home-cooking magic with recipes including loin of pork with truffles, and clam chowder. In episode two Jennifer offers tips on how to catch a man. Jolly brilliant.

Spin City: Porn in the USA

(9pm Monday, Nine)

THERE are any number of reasons to watch this terrific episode of what is already a strong series - but the most obvious one is Raquel Welch.

The stunning Ms Welch, nudging almost 60 by my count, guest-stars as the mother of Mike's press secretary, Paul (Richard Kind). And she has never looked better. I know she has had more lifts than an elderly hitchhiker, but Welch's face and figure defy description. I also know I could be accused of sexism, except that her role in this episode focuses on how a woman her age can look so good.

There's also the minor matter of the mayor (Barry Bostwick) being caught looking around an X-rated video store and Mike losing his new girlfriend to Nikki.


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