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Australia’s #1 Green Magazine to Go Monthly

Luna Media Press Release | 6 September 2007

A BOOMING green consumer market and the rising popularity of G: The Green Lifestyle Magazine has led its publishers to boost its frequency to monthly (from bi-monthly) starting next year.

G Magazine has a circulation of 35,000 – and a distribution of 50,000 copies – making it by far Australia’s leading green magazine,” said Kylie Ahern, the Publisher of G Magazine and the Chief Executive of Luna Media, the boutique publishing house in Sydney.

G Magazine is practical, positive and evidence-based, a very much focussed on everyday solutions rather than politics.

“Readers love G Magazine,” added Ahern. “Despite a soft launch, it’s already signed up more than 3,000 subscribers, a number we plan to triple within a year. And advertising is strong: it’s allowed us to grow the magazine from 64 pages at launch to 80 pages in the next issue.”

To capitalise on its clear strength as the market leader, a national television advertising campaign for G Magazine will be launched this year, coupled with a print campaign and direct marketing across Australia.

Luna Media also announced that – after completing an emissions audit – it has offset all its greenhouse gases, making it a 100% carbon neutral publishing company, believed to be Australia’s first. Carbon credits were purchased under the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme, which provides a legal guarantee its emissions will stay sequestered for at least 100 years (beyond the Kyoto Protocol requirement of 30 years).

G Magazine is published by Luna Media, which scooped last year’s Bell Magazine Awards with an unprecedented 14 wins, including the Best Small Publisher trophy. It produces the respected science magazine Cosmos, and the daily science news service Cosmos Online.


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