Aussie Medical Researchers Turn to Venoms to Save Lives

Radio 2GB | 3 February 2021

The venom of funnel-web spiders are being used to develop new drugs


Australia’s killers are world famous from its deadly snakes and spiders, to the box jellyfish and blue-ringed octopus, but our legendary line-up of venomous creatures (and plants) are actually at the forefront of great hope for break-through drugs and specific disease treatments.

Michael is joined by science journalist Wilson da Silva, regarding his latest Australian Geographic article that takes a look behind-the-scenes of the expert teams looking to crack the code of various venoms to help save lives.

As a result, many of these people go out of their way to get their hands on very dangerous animals.

“Venom is becoming increasingly attractive to medical researchers, and it’s easy to see why,” says Mr da Silva.

“De-coding the complexity of venom helps scientists to better understand how the human body works, and to tweak our internal machinery to correct problems, fight disease and improve health.”

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