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Artificial Intelligence in Leadership

Leading in a Post-Crisis World - University of Sydney Business School | 12 September 2022

The panel: Wilson da Silva, Dr Michael Seymour, Samuel Randle, Carmen Vallis and Associate Professor Elaine Huber.

This University of Sydney Business School event explored the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on future leaders.

It brought together four panelists, each with a unique perspective on the application of artificial intelligence in business and leadership. This group included a science and technology journalist, an educational developer, an editor of Honi Soit and an artificial intelligence specialist.

As well as providing individual input on the topic, this diverse panel initiated robust discussion for students to consider in their groups. Students were provided with a scenario to consider as future leaders and to discuss with their peers.

Scenario: You’ve just landed your first job after graduation. It’s your dream job! You find out when you start that all your work and decision-making will be run through an AI bot to verify your choices. Would you stay or leave?

While students were debating this scenario, we threw them a curveball.

BUT WAIT, you discover that the AI bot will actually be your new boss. Does that change anything?

Following these discussions, students shared back to the wider group and the panelists were asked to respond to the same scenario. The whole group then voted on what action they would take based on these prompts.

To round out the artificial intelligence focus, we created an AI avatar that opened the event and after ‘technical malfunctions’ had to drop out. Students then guessed if they thought this new ‘host’ was real or fake.


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